About Us

My family comes from Detroit, and our parents always wanted us to appreciate things that we did; as a youngster, I spent a lot of time in the historical museum of arts, aquariums, and digging up rocks. I spent time in Virginia going through civil war battlegrounds with my cousins and in Charlevoix at private resorts on Walloon lake.

I started to appreciate local history at a young age. I was involved in the local Webster United Church of Christ, the oldest church in Michigan. On our boat tours, I talk about glaciers, Potawatomi Indians, bootleggers, hotels, dance halls, brothels, and more. My passion for history and love for boating is genuinely a blessing for my customers and friends.

We do historic tours and corporate activities. Eaton corporation has come out once a year for the last ten years. The University of Michigan nursing group has been coming out for ten years, and I see office meetings, bachelorette and bachelor parties, and many more friends who stop by.

I have served in this area for the past 41 years volunteering for the river cleanup committee. I also serve Hamburg township and am a member of the flood prevention committee for the department of natural resources, where I’m a safety instructor.